Here comes 2014—

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After they had voiced the fullest description of the day, a few said, “perhaps” along with “but” and a fill-in the blank array of excuse and unstudied opinion. Seeking an accountable and relevant definition that might lead to competence, action, and fulfillment of the charter, they fell solid into silence except for the passing murmurs needed to warm and bite. Not so much a falling as a fact—automatic, autonomic in impossible self-preservation. A move, a definition was not going to happen if even for another, the learning other. Not because it couldn’t or shouldn’t. This simply would not as the line was drawn decades earlier. Such an exercise just wasn’t self-reassuring—it was nothing of the easy comfort which was certainly of a falling and little more. Some pointed fingers but for will, a full turn. Excuse became creative exercise and why not. It had all become so fast, complicated, and demanding. Desiring hollow virtue and the fears that follow easy. The one in the corner popped on some MGMT. It was Time to Pretend. The day stretched into tan and gray—it was a wonder and all was well, again.


Here it comes—