Narrative Environments

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All environments hold a story—some are more explicit than others, some more active, dynamic, educational and desirable. Keep the baubles of the past—that static decoration that filled the food court and a role long gone. Sculpture, architecture, landscape, information and interaction design have grown together and synthesized to bring something more. I spoke with some of you about the new library at NC State by Snøhetta and we viewed images of their Norwegian Wild Reindeer Center pavilion. Here are a few more references—enjoy.

Several years ago I took a group of students to see several exhibit spaces by Land Design and then we visited with them at their offices in Kew. The UK has a wonderful tradition of presenting what they collect and they have been collecting for a while. They also take great care in presentation and the design of their museums, libraries, archives, gardens, and historical sites (see Small Design’s work for the Cabinet War Rooms).

Along with its sister publications Elephant and Mark, Frame magazine reports on educational and exhibit spaces from time to time. It is a decadent slab of wood pulp and ink, but I look. I showed some of you the work of Traast + Gruson from the Netherlands—they are of interest particularly for graphic designers. More to come…

And more of this too—great work on Wednesday!