Cercle et Carré (Circle and Square)
at Georgia Museum of Art

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01 There is a great show on abstraction at the GMA next door. Please drop by and see it! The catalog for the show was designed by Roy Brooks, Fold Four Design and is well worth a look too.

// This exhibition is the first major one devoted to the art and activities of Cercle et Carré (Circle and Square), the artistic group cofounded in 1929 by Pierre Daura (1896–1976), Joaquín Torres-García (1874–1949) and Michel Seuphor (1901–1999). Organized primarily around the works displayed in the group’s 1930 exhibition in Paris or featured in one of the three issues of the 1930 Cercle et Carré periodical, “Cercle et Carré and the International Spirit of Abstract Art” presents a dynamic assembly of abstract works of art not seen as a group and seldom discussed in relation to one another for more than 80 years. Complementing the primary-source materials in the Georgia Museum of Art’s Pierre Daura Center’s archives, this exhibition makes an important contribution to understanding international abstract art in the period between the wars. —GMA //


  1. Darya

    I checked out the exhibit today and it really was great! Very interesting to see its relations to graphic design as well as seeing work up close and personal from artists we’ve been discussing in my modern art history class. I have a new appreciation for modern art, now that I understand it more. The way they capture such complex ideologies/images in such simple manner is amazing. Everyone should definitely go take a look at it :)