Inge Druckrey: Teaching to See

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  1. Lila B

    “And the students loved the project because it had a clear goal.”

    That was a delightfully optimistic and informative video. It was also obscenely soothing to listen to while I sew. Thank you for sharing, monsieur.

  2. Tony

    There is always a clear goal—sometimes it must be discerned and defined by one and many. This is only a perspective that is proactive and positive. There is the other side which slows, confounds, and makes for intense head scratching and a loss of care. Or great humor!

  3. Emily B

    Watching the video helped me discover how we are learning and how it will benefit us in the long run. Design is very particular and picky. It’s everywhere.

    I love in the video when it talks about how the design process is frustrating and then you have a revelation. This cycle keeps occurring in me and helps to further my knowledge. I thought I might be the only one struggling with design but that’s obviously not the case.