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this also accounts for the redemptive value of post-catastrophic movies, like I Am Legend and so on. We see the devastated human environment, half-empty factories, machines falling apart, half-empty stores. What we experience at this moment, the psychoanalytic term for it would have been the “inertia of the real.” This mute presence beyond meaning. What moments like confronting planes here in Mojave Desert bring to us is maybe a chance for an authentic passive experience. Maybe without this properly artistic moment of authentic passivity, nothing new can emerge. Maybe something new only emerges through the failure, the suspension of proper functioning of the existing network of our life work where we are. Maybe this is what we need more than ever today.’ —Slavoj Žižek


  1. Daniel Calvert

    There are abandoned buildings I have found off the silver screen, huddling in the wilderness like secret tombstones of the forgotten slice of time. It is there, in those rooms with silent clocks, desynchronized calendars, and darkened kitchens, where you will find the silence of Lascaux and Altamira, spaces which hush the trespassers into deep listening. The apocalypse is simply relinquishing control to nature and her meandering stroll through the halls of time. It lays the fibers certain of us will know immediately to be our canvas moment.