Storyboard Artists

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So this morning I chose to enlighten myself with the realization that storyboard artists have a keen ability for directing the viewer to an absolute understanding of what will happen next, specifically for cinematic use. Check out the Famous Frames website for a better look into what I’m talking about.

The site includes over a hundred artists who work in several types of design including animation, concept design for products and cars, storyboarding, packaging, video game design, and music videos. And these I listed because of our class’ interests. I’m very interested in shooting boards for films.

I couldn’t help but immediately think about our instructional assignment as I was “reading” the numerous storyboards I stumbled upon. To read these are to be instructed. And that’s precisely what we want to achieve from our in-class work. We want to instruct our viewer. One of the problems I’ve encountered while working with my set of pliers: I have to forcibly remove my notion that everyone viewing my work already knows how to use my tool. Much like storyboard artists presenting an unfamiliar concept, I’ve made an attempt to convince myself I’m instructing people who aren’t aware of the uses within the popular family of pliers. Has this benefitted me? I’m not exactly sure, but acting like a storyboard artist is fun regardless.

Enjoy the thousands of examples literally awaiting scrutiny.