4090 Project Development

by , under 400 level transmedia

Comments + Questions + Anything related to your current  time studies—feel free to discuss.


  1. Lila B

    What with the assignment of subject being so vague, “familiar” brought along it’s dozens of associations, connotations, and synonyms. I took the liberty of making this project into a self portrait assignment. I haven’t gotten to do one for collegiate purposes since Drawing II, and even then, I really did not like the outcome of my efforts. I suppose part of that would be because I asked for help from my teacher, and he took over and ruined my favourite part of the drawing, but I digress.

    It’s a glimpse into a critical part of my current lifestyle: a literal and symbolic vignette of who I have evolved to be, and it’s not flattering. But that’s not the point now, is it?

    One of my sequences involved a little soliloquy instead of time markers or aesthetic preferences. This refers back to a period aboot five to six years ago, during which I would post lengthy notes on facebook. They were like pubescent blog or diary posts, describing my day, expressing some momentary feeling or realization, often in some kind of stream-of-consciousness free verse poetry kind of way. I preferred to confide in the masses (imaginary or otherwise) rather than individuals. I could also never justify telling these things to a piece of paper that nobody would see. In my mind, that wholly undermines the purpose of expression. Thusly: facebook.

    I don’t recall the last time I wrote a creative piece with a pen on paper, and I found the forced mental deviance exhilarating. I don’t recall the last time that I read my own poetry aloud. Though there was no audio aspect to my craft paper once it was pinned up to the wall, even the inference of it being read, playing the conceptual video in my head, was novel yet nostalgic at once.