General GRAPHIC DESIGN Discussion

by , under 200 level survey, 400 level transmedia

For those who said they did not know about this blogging thing and wanted a place to post—this is it.

  1. Lila B

    Whellp. Since the class has moved fully into the realm of motion design, I’d like to share my favourite “artistic” short.

    Unfortunately, I cannot find it in better quality, as the campaign is long outdated and MAC has long since taken down the original.

  2. Tony

    starting to feel like the blogging is something we old folk did so way back and when. and the internets? what might that be? and the comment thread? unknown. and the talking few? FEW! : )

  3. Caitlin L

    I would like to get a list of good design books to look into. Suggestions?

    • Lila B

      Try “The Cheese Monkeys” by Chip Kidd.
      It’s a hoot and a half, and also why I chose this major.

      • Lila B

        Apparently you cannot reply to tertiary comments here.

        Anyway, the title, wonky graphic gimmicks, and adorable manner of writing pulled me in, then I found myself thoroughly engaged in the actual lessons being taught by Sorbeck. It made me aware of things that had hardly crossed my conscious mind, despite how many times they had passed through my field of vision.
        I never planned to be an art major: I excelled at math and science, and assumed I’d do something in that field. I was told that I was good at art and had enjoyed doing it, but I didn’t understand why someone would dedicate their life to such a thing. I couldn’t (still can’t) find a personal reason for me to JUST (yeah, I said it) make things. I require finite, logical reason for my motivation to exist. In “The Cheese Monkeys,” I discovered that there was an area of art that actually had specific purpose, and was infatuated with the combination of mathematical precision and specificity with the inconsistent, inexplicable nature of aesthetics. I guess I had heard of graphic design, but I didn’t really know what it entailed until I read the book.

        Oh also, that chapter where they’re all working on their final projects in complete delirium: that was just so perfectly expressed, it really just sealed my fate. I mean, there were a few sentences where he was talking aboot looking at his pen and being confused by the ink colour…just…yes.

  4. Darya K.

    Anyone interested in meeting up in the studio and working together sometime? I think it may help us progress faster and it would be interesting just to bounce ideas off each other :)

    • Tony

      A strong studio culture and collaborative working environsment is worth twice the education. Fact.