More talk. Much more.

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Nothing to say? Say anything. Really, anything. Hum if you must. Communicate with pops and clicks but hear yourself.

Students and teachers (of design or any subject), let’s underscore the safe-zone idea of class/studio for open dialog, honest talk, laughing, singing, sounding-making! It is safe or should be—if it is not, make it so. Safe by way of open study of/in/through talking, hearing yourself talk, sorting things out with the sound of words. Get over the jitters, social excuses, assumed protocols, or anything that might hold you back from crafting/skilling some string of thought heard by the lot.

And ringing in our ears just now those folk who love to drop that talk-stopper: “less talky, more do-y” or some such derivation that gets the machines pumping out a more valid form of being than forming and framing ideas and revising them in real time with a solid crew of talking-listening-thinking-sorting folk. Oh, the error of such wacky thought and misplaced privilege to something other than learning to the use the greatest real-time, form-giving biological wonder of eyes attached to a brain attached to ears attached to vocalizing parts.

Design Studio, take up your place as the public speaking, public listening, commons-sorting talk lab that ye must be! It is safe.


Thanks to you all who have been responding to the Spamphleteering!