Parts & Whole

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Seems like collage is showing up frequently this fall—here are a few sightings. From The Avant Garde Diaries the video below on Mark Wagner. From Design Observer an interview by Rick Poynor with David Banash on his new book: Collage Culture: Readymades, Meaning, and the Age of Consumption. From Eye Magazine and its current issue, Rick Poynor writitng on Eduardo Paolozzi. And a strange (maybe) yet wonderful thing seems to be up with the current issue of Eye. It looks, feels, and reads like Baseline magazine. All good things.

  1. Lila B

    “For a collage artist, destruction is the first necessary step.”
    I never realized how metal collage is.

    On a more design/artistically focused note: (haha, note) I was legitimately surprised by the effectiveness of Wagner’s work. It hosts a great deal shock value, but miraculously without sex or violence. For a school project couple of years ago, I did a bit of research on shock value, revolving around sex and violence (specifically sexual violence in advertising.) It pretty much prompted me to myopically think that those two entities were the solitary bases of grabbing your reader by the throat and guts through their eyes.
    But there are other means.

    Though one could absolutely argue the close associations of money with sex and violence.

  2. Lila B

    Oh my, what are the odds.
    I popped into Just Pho today, and they happen to have the collage work of Susan T. Pelham on the walls for sale.
    She puts human eyes on everything, creating creepy characters in twisted perspective. Not sure where my feels are on this.