Tracking Consumption

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We’ve discussed tracking media consumption. Here is an elegant way to track your coffee consumption:


    • Tony

      Twee it is — yet the slowing to consider use and habit and the time in a day and life are activities needed more than ever. To slow and sort and reflect and see more than—

      • Lila B

        Oh dear no, I really meant that I find it adorable in the literal definition of the word. I guess my colloquialism was a bit misleading.

        And yes yes yes, I know, slooooooooooow down and whatnot. I’ll have you know that I stop to smell the flowers. And talk to the squirrels. Have you noticed how many lizards there are around Lamar Dodd?

  1. Emily B

    This is so fun and interactive. I think it would be a great idea for everyone to brainstorm how they could use their tool in an interactive way.