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  1. Tony

    Darya, I gather this enigmatic post possibly refers to the yarn playing back and forth along the back wall of the studio. If so, the morning Sr. group had a healthy conversation about it. They valued it for lessons of scale and contrast, and simply transforming a room. Nothing simple at all. If not about the studio wall, then a mystery.

    Is that the same sort of network stretching, clustering—offering an outlier—there along the edges of the yarn in redundant, micro detail?

  2. Darya

    I’m glad it started conversations! And I believe there are similarities between the clustering in the large-scale wall piece and the detailed image here. My thought coming from this idea:
    “If you divide a fractal pattern into parts you get a nearly identical reduced-size copy of the whole.”

    Wonderrope continues…

  3. Darya

    And one more thought:

    “The simple is not the poor, but the simple is choice, a distinction, a crystallization with purity itself as its objective. The simple is a concentration.”

    -Le Corbusier