What about the WEB?

by , under 200 level survey, 400 level transmedia

We have had general discussion about web design, interaction design, interface, UX, etc. in both classes (2010 and 4090).  As a way to supplement time in class and work within the media we are discussing, let’s use this post to share questions, links, comments, and anything related to web.

This site is a default template (Theme) within WordPress and as you may have noticed I  switched themes in the last few days. WordPress has become the top consumer content management system (CMS) and is something you will most very likely work with in practice.

Aside from what may too easily be called tools or software, we can talk about the media and technology cultures that consider user-exerperience (UX) and all the ways that cellphones, computers, and other screen devices change the ways we work, have fun, talk with one another, learn, read—do and conceive of anything now.

This site is a place where you can talk between student groups that normally do not have an opportunity to design, crit, learn, and get to know each other. This expanded means of creating community can be beneficial in many ways. It allows you an introductory study to consider how your face-to-face communication is different than it is online. I have asked some of you to track your media consumption/use—what and how much do you watch, play, and consume online, on-screen? Watching your patterns of use can help you approach your design work in new ways and consider how others may use it too.

We had a great talk yesterday in 2010 about process and language and managing complexity in your studies—not getting too overwhelmed with all the variables. Comparative literature was mentioned and we talked about how to organize by comparison and work-through/integrate the range of contexts one must consider. This “must” is a positive! In this regard, begin to compare how you design in, think about, and define print, motion, and interaction design. How can you work across each and have them influence each other? All good stuff.

I have made a few suggestions about places to begin—what’s on your mind?

  1. Caitlin L

    Overall I tend to shy away from online resources and communication now more than ever. Why? Overuse maybe? I’m finding more often I have a desire for face-to-face communication, collaboration, and analyzing hard copies of pieces instead of using online/technology resources. I would rather meet with a handful of people once a week to talk about stuff and share cool things. If anyone is willing in any of the classes I would be interested in meeting people at Big City Bread on Sundays at noon to start some out-of-class casual discussions?

    • Lila B

      Ay caramba, I am the opposite. I have this emotional need for digital communication. Even while sitting in class with these people, I frequently spam the cohort’s (yes, COHORT’s) group.me and facebook page with quasi-relevant jabberings.
      You can tell when I’ve been kept away from facebook for a while, because I’ll feel compelled to spatter stream-of-conscious prattlings that come out entirely jumbled. My personal expression really requires a delete key because my mouth knows no filter. Not to mention my crippling social anxiety and INTJ personality causing me to cower away from anything that can be described as “face-to-face.”