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display_sizeHi All—the plan was to focus on motion design but it is clear there are greater needs/demands/hopes. We are on to a general survey to define a few other worlds and raise some questions along the way. I’d like us to think beyond web design or HTML (or at least those terms) and consider interaction or UX design. The code is good fun and we will cover it, however it is best to know why you are doing what you are doing. Let’s focus more on design for screen display no matter the display and where it maybe be located (tablets, phones, wall projection, etc. / apps, sites, games, etc.). This includes an understanding of virtual interfaces and tool and the methods that get you to solid solutions. Your information design project is meant to have you sort through lots of information with multiple sources and organize it. It is also meant to have you visualize a range of presentation options. This gets you into managing some complexity.

It will important for you continue your research and definition of terms—

A few basic terms:
UX Design
Scenarios/User Flow
Site Map

I will be adding to this page regularly and I encourage you to do the same—

Also, conversation here.
Google Fonts
Adobe Webfonts


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