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inFORM Dynamic Shape Display from the Tangible Media Group at MIT Media Lab

  1. Jordan

    Here is the reply you want (especially since I posted this on the Facebook page)! When I watched this video it seemed like one of those ideas that could change everything, but no one knows about it. Just this morning I watched a short film on Vimeo about a man that has this two way pump that serves as his heart. Literally the doctors took out his heart (that was failing) and replaced it with a continuously running hose. THE MAN HAS NO HEARTBEAT. It is ideas like this that make you wonder why we bother looking at Buzzfeed articles about 27 Corgi puppies or whatever. Why don’t more people know about these amazing things happening? With all of this at our fingertips, shouldn’t we see everything? These questions always lead back to connectivity. We are more connected as Humans than we have ever been, so Why Not capitalize on that? Meetups, group hangouts, creative rooms, friends-of-friends-of-friends talking about what our friends like —–> All of These Things Make Us More Connected. This is what we have been talking about this whole semester, creating at atmosphere to create things in, well creates better product and more creative thinking. Whether you make a zine for a class with a group, sit in a computer lab until Three A.M., meet with 1/4 of your classmates and professor and talk about Pigeons (1/2/&3), or just go around a room for the last hour and draw on each other’s stuff *shout out to Phil Jasen for having fun* ____ Just create, make more, challenge whatever it is you want to challenge, make a heart, make a badass MIT worthy machine, do something